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Let’s face it, summer, for many of us, is when life kicks into high gear. With vacations and other activities to plan, work and looking forward to back-to-school, we’re pulled in so many different directions it’s amazing we even remember we have kids, let alone feed them!

Have no fear; the Unity Home Group® has put together a handy list of places the family can dine in Southcemtral that won’t break your budget because at these eateries, kids eat free! Call ahead to ensure the deals are still valid.


On Tuesdays from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Denny’s in Anchorage offers kids a freebie. On the kids’ menu you’ll find hot dogs, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, a grilled cheese sandwich and pizza.

Find Denny’s at 2900 Denali St and 3850 Debarr

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fall foliage looking out a window onto a lake

If you’re one of the many Southcentral homeowners planning to sell this fall, the time to prepare is right now, believe it or not. You’ll have some competition once autumn hits and anything you can do to smooth the way now will put you way out in front of the rest of them.

You can hire the Unity Home Group® Team now as well and we can take care of the photography (see number 1 below), get the marketing plan pinned down and help you in other ways as well.

Here are some additional tips to help you hit the ground running in fall:

1. Photograph the home

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) claims that 90 percent of homebuyers shopped online at some point during their home search. Most of these buyers say that if a listing lacks photos

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Realtor.com recently asked homebuyers what is standing in their way of purchasing a home. Most claimed that they couldn’t find a home to fit their needs, but 10 percent say they’re concerned about selling their current home. That brings up the age-old “chicken-and-egg” real estate conundrum: What comes first, buying or selling? The answer to that depends on several factors:


The amount of equity you have in the home will help determine the sequence ― whether you should sell first or buy first. If you need the proceeds from the sale of your current home for the down payment and closing costs on the new one, you may need to sell first. Or, take advantage of some of the alternative solutions that we’ll explain below.

Your income

Can you

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pen writing once upon a time


Have you ever wondered who starts myths and why? Sure, the old fairy tales and legends are harmless but what about those regarding real estate? These are far more dangerous, especially to your bank account.

It’s time for a little real estate myth busting.

1. I’ll make a ridiculously low offer. After all, it’s a buyers’ market

Yes, homebuyers have far more control over a real estate transaction when there are lots of homes on the market but few buyers. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s bargain basement shopping time. If you find a home you truly want, you’ll run the risk of insulting the seller and, regardless of how badly he needs to sell, he may not sell to you.
Many homeowners have longtime roots in the neighborhood and a very real

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Handyman repairing kitchen faucetCertain repairs simply must be made before selling your home in Anchorage. A leaky roof, broken windows and an inoperable furnace aren’t going to fly with buyers. Other fixes, however, aren’t as important but they may help sell the house.

“You want to spend as little as you possibly can on the improvements that make the most sense, and ignore the ones that you’re really dreaming about because you’ll never get your money back,” Barbara Corcoran tells the Today Show.

Front and Center

One of the best fixes you can make for the money is anything that is wrong with the home’s exterior, visible from the street. In other words, give the place some curb appeal by fixing all of the following:

  • Sagging and/or torn window and front-door screens
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Ice cream cone

In the year 1776, on July 4, the thirteen colonies formally claimed independence from England, via a Declaration of Independence, drafted two days earlier. We were in the midst of the Revolutionary War at the time and folks’ complaints included being unfairly taxed and that their grievances were ignored. Then, there were the religious and economic issues of the day.

From the Boston Massacre in 1770 to the Boston Tea Party in 1773, with King George, in 1774, giving away large grants of land to Quebec (land the colonists considered theirs), to the battles of Lexington and Concorde, this period of American history shows a young country feeling its oats.

So, sure, say the word “July” to an American, and the seminal event of 239 years ago still comes

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