August 2016

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organized kitchen cupboard

Working parents with school-aged kids understand the utter chaos that a school-day morning can bring. Along with readying yourself for work and making sure everyone eats a decent breakfast, there is school lunch preparation to consider.

Creating a lunch station is one way to deal with this, both for older kids who make their own lunches or for busy parents that need to make lunches on the fly on an all-too busy morning.

It’s a brilliant idea that we got on the web from iheartorganizing. She calls it a “sammy makin’ kit,” while we call it a sanity saver.

Refrigerator organization

Any basket or bin that is large enough to hold all the refrigerated lunch fixings is fine. In it, you’ll place fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, lunch meats,

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Luxury home foyer

Luxury homes face a longer and bumpier road to the closing table than most homeowners. There are a number of reasons for this: A smaller pool of buyers that are savvy and, because of their affluence, are in no hurry to buy. Several cogs can end up in the luxury home sale wheel and further slow the process to a crawl and kudos to you for wanting to know about these upfront.

The luxury home seller

One thing we’ve noticed with our high-end home sellers in Anchorage is that they have a mindset that theirs is the most luxurious home on the market. Now, that may be true, but combined with the attitude of most high-end buyers who can afford to be choosey and you’ve got the makings of protracted negotiations.

Understand that this sale is a business

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We are ever closer to back-to-school day, which varies, depending on where in Southcentral you live. Anchorage students return to school on August 22.

This means you’ve got less than four weeks to gear up for the fall routine ― the shopping, the adjustment in sleeping schedules and juggling transportation issues. Let’s take a look at some ways to prepare yourself and the kids for the annual ritual.

Ease into the new routine

Switching from being able to sleep in every day for the past three months to having to wake to an early alarm isn’t easy for anyone, especially teenagers. You can ease into the new schedule by practicing it for the week leading up to the day school starts.

Set the alarm clock (the kids aren’t going to like this) and

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There is so much going on this month all over Southcentral.

August 6

Alaska 10K Classic

Lace up those running shoes; it's time for one of Alaska's oldest road-running races. The 10K Classic begins at in front of Atwood Hall at the Alaska Pacific University campus and follows an incredibly scenic route before heading back to the start. Can't manage 10 kilometers? Why not sign up for the 5K run? Either way, you'll be raising money for the Alaska Special Olympics and be able to participate in the post-race party. When you're ready to register, you'll find all the information you need at

August 11

Bike Tour: Architecture of Anchorage

The best way to take a look at the incredible city of Anchorage may just be atop your

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