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How Expensive is it to Live in Anchorage, Alaska?From housing to food, everything in Anchorage, Alaska is a little to a lot more expensive than the rest of the nation. In fact, partly due to its relatively remote location and large landmass, the cost of living here is just about 1/3 more than average. In order to thrive in this awesome area, people must know how to manage their expenses. To get an idea on the costs, they can use this guide to explore each area in detail.


Of all the living expenses in Anchorage, housing costs vary the most from the rest of the United States. To buy a home in Anchorage, people can expect to pay about $330,000 on average. If they choose to rent, they will pay an average of about $1,100 a month for an apartment.

Although moving outside the city centers

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Where to Go in Anchorage in NovemberNovember in Anchorage, Alaska is a great time to get together with family and friends, prepare for the snows, and dive into the holiday spirit. Whether it's through a day of shopping or a night of charity, the people of Anchorage will have plenty to do over the course of the month. Learn more about the events in the area, and start marking off the calendar now.

Holiday Tree Lighting

The Holiday Tree Lighting celebration is made possible by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership Ltd. It's a family friendly event that includes hot chocolate, cookies, and the indispensable Kris Kringle and his merry band of reindeer. Guests can mingle with one another, meet up with friends, or just take a break after all the planning and hard work of Thanksgiving. As

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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Anchorage, AKWhen the weather takes a turn for the worse, sometimes there's nothing better than a soothing cup of coffee. Not only does the caffeine give visitors the energy to chase the gray away, but it's also a great place to head for a sense of community and togetherness. Those looking for the best possible brew may want to check out the following hot spots in Anchorage, which have managed to earn the respect and devotion of plenty of locals.

Kaladi Brothers Coffee

The staff members at Kaladi Brothers Coffee are passionate about brewing a truly incredible cup of joe, but the mission of the coffee shop is a little larger than that. This coffee shop wants to be the catalyst for its neighbors to offer support, share new ideas, and form stronger relationships

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Top Considerations in Moving to Anchorage, AlaskaMore than 291,000 people proudly call Anchorage, Alaska home—and for good reason. With its picturesque views, diverse wildlife population, and interesting climate, this region is an exciting place to call home. But before making the move, it is important to understand a little bit more about this region, as it is unlike many other places in the United States. To help everyone get started, here are the top things to know about moving to Anchorage.

There's a Higher Cost of Living

Anchorage, Alaska has a much higher cost of living than the average across the US. In fact, it is 28 percent higher overall, though housing costs are 48 percent more expensive than the average. Everything from utilities to transportation costs more as well. Food is nearly

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