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3 Must-See March Events in Anchorage, AKSpring is in the air, and that means getting out of the house and into town to find some fresh new events to participate in. If you live in Anchorage, you're in luck, because this month is bringing with it a host of fun events and activities to see. Here are 3 of the must-see March events taking place in Anchorage, AK.

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Address: Fourth Avenue and D Street, Anchorage, AK

Date: March 7, 2020, at 10 a.m.

One of the most famous winter events in Alaska will be kicking off in March with the beginning of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Starting in downtown Anchorage, local attendants will be able to witness the first 11 miles (ca. 18 km) of this massive race, which spans a whopping 975 miles (ca. 1,569 km) between Anchorage

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Where Are The Best Indoor Activities In Anchorage, AK?Finding a place to enjoy a few hours of fun far away from the frigid Anchorage climate is on the forefront of many people's minds—especially during wintertime. Fortunately, this Alaskan city has plenty to offer in the arena of indoor entertainment and activities. Here are a few hotspots around town favorited by locals and visitors alike.

H₂Oasis Indoor Waterpark

Address: H₂Oasis Indoor Waterpark, 1520 O'Malley Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507

Visitors are awash with joy with more than 56,000 square feet of wet and wild fun at H₂Oasis Indoor Waterpark in Anchorage. As one of the largest venues of its kind in the United States, this tropical island paradise is a welcomed respite amid the Last Frontier. Prepare for impressive water-powered coaster rides

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What Types of Healthcare Are Available in Anchorage?Despite the relative ease of accessing a practitioner, the healthcare options in the state of Alaska are driven by a number of factors. Here's what everyone should know before choosing a healthcare plan in Anchorage.

Major Carriers

The major healthcare options in Anchorage include:

  • HealthNet
  • Agile
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Allied Coverage
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Medicare/Medicaid

Other options include contacting brokers for a private policy. Costs tend to be high, with the average for those 60 or older at more than $1,100 and those under 25 paying $400. As in most states, residents can choose between a PPO, HMO, fee for service, and point of service plan.

Understanding the Plans

The right option for each person will depend

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4 Must-See February Events in Anchorage, AlaskaAnchorage is a bustling hub in Alaska with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you're a long-time Anchorage resident, have newly moved to Anchorage, or are a visitor, you're sure to find something fun to do in this city. Here are four of our favorite events taking place in Anchorage, AK this February.

Sitka Music Festival: Winter Classics

Dates: February 7 - 9, 2020

Address: Sitka Summer Music Festival, 104 Jeff Davis St, Sitka, AK 99835

The Sitka Music Festival: Winter Classics event is a spin on the Sitka Summer Music Festival taking place February 7 - 9 in Sitka. This event celebrates Beethoven's 250th birthday with performances by the Ariel String Quartet, cellist Zuill Baily, and pianist Eduard Zilberkant.

Members with a season

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How Much Time to Allow for Daily Anchorage CommutesGorgeous landscapes and the promise of fun outdoor adventures are constantly bringing new people to live in Anchorage, Alaska. As the population increases, however, so do commute times, causing roads to become evermore congested with traffic. To select a home in a gorgeous locale free of heavy traffic, it is important to explore just how long the daily commute can take. In an effort to help everyone explore this topic in detail, here's a rundown of the current commute times in Alaska.

Preferred Transportation Options

Although Anchorage is a relatively dense cityscape, the surrounding area is mostly rural stretches of land with just single roads connecting them. This tends to allow the major thoroughfares to get rather congested at peak commute

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What Should I Know About the Anchorage School District?There's only one school district in Anchorage, AK, and its leaders manage more than 90 schools. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, and the Anchorage School District is responsible for around 50,000 children spread out across all institutions. The district is there to promote learning and success by offering a variety of academic options to children and their families. Learn more about how the district functions and how parents can make better decisions for their kids if they choose to live in this incredible state.

Access and Opportunity

Inclusion is the key philosophy of the school district, and parents and children can see it every move they make. The school district celebrates diversity in the city. The district welcomes and includes

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What to Do in Anchorage During JanuaryJanuary in Anchorage may not always seem like the ideal time to leave the house given the temperatures, wind, and darkened skies. Luckily, event planners in the state know exactly what residents and locals need to put their reservations aside—at least for a few hours or so. Here are some events worth checking out at the very beginning of 2020.

Zoo Lights

When the night goes black, Zoo Lights brings the color back. The Alaska Zoo is stringing up enough lights to dazzle and delight the senses for all. This family-friendly display illuminates walkways, animal exhibits, and more. This event takes place Thursday through Sunday in January, and the cost is $10 for non-members ages three and over. This fee will also include admission to the zoo.


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A Close Look at the History of AnchorageWith its humble beginnings as a lush wilderness, it is a wonder that Anchorage has become Alaska's most populated cityscape. Over 291,000 people proudly call the city proper home with nearly 400,000 more along the outskirts. The trek from dense wilderness to populated city occurred over 100 years and included many twists and turns along the way. With a look at the history of the region, it is easy to see how the wilderness turned into ‘The City of Lights and Flowers' in such a short time.

Discovery by Early Settlers

Long before the United States of America took an interest in Alaska, people lived off the forested land. They arrived in Alaska by the Bering Land Bridge between 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. These populations did not develop the land,

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Does Anchorage, AK Have Good Public Transportation?Anchorage is the state's largest city, and its public transportation was designed as a hub for a variety of major destinations in Alaska. It's the biggest airline in the state, meaning most people will pass through the city at some point during their trip. But public transportation was also developed for locals, especially considering the many seasonal opportunities in the state. From buses to trains to planes, here are a few tips for navigating the crisscrossing routes from place to place.

Skipping the Smog

Barring the weather, walking or biking are the two top ways to get around in Anchorage. The city is built on a grid and it's pretty simple to figure out where to go. So while it may not have a subway system, there are more than a few reasons

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Everything You Need to Know About Anchorage Events in DecemberDecember is the jolliest of all the months in Anchorage, Alaska. Whether you're attending a holiday event or going to see the night light up with beautiful lights, there's a million things to do in Anchorage. If you're new to the area, these events will all be new to you. If you've lived in Anchorage a long time, check out this compilation of familiar holiday activities.

Zoo Lights

Zoo Lights at the Alaska Zoo is back! If you've enjoyed previous years at the Alaska Zoo Lights, you'll love the dazzling display of twinkling lights piercing the darkness and lighting up the animal-themed displays. Visitors to the zoo will enjoy walking through canopies of light, and through the wilderness of fully lit trees throughout the zoo.

The Coffee Shop and

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