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Most of our clients understand that we’re in a seller’s market here in Southcentral, but many don’t know exactly what that means. So, today we’ll take a look at the nuts and bolts of both sellers’ and buyers’ markets.

Seller’s markets are characterized by:

  • A depleted inventory of homes for sale.
  • Escalating home prices.
  • Multiple offers on homes in good shape and located in decent areas.
  • Buyers have little bargaining power.
  • Depleted Inventory

The most common cause of low inventories in a real estate market is a combination of few homeowners listing their homes and strong buyer participation in the market. It’s a matter of supply and demand.

Escalating Home Prices

The economic principle of supply and demand works

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June 1-30

The Great Northern Lights

In the Land of the Midnight Sun, you can experience the most amazing displays of atmospheric lights. Now, you don't need to head out into the cold to view these phenomena; you can do it from the comfort of the Anchorage Museum or the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Both venues offer daily photographic displays. Find out more at and


June 3

Battle of the Breweries at Muse

Sample a flight of local beers at the Anchorage Museum's Muse restaurant. This month's brews include Glacier Brewhouse Berry Wheat and Silver Gulch Iliamna Raspberry Wheat. There's also a mystery on the menu in June. Entrance to Muse is free, and flights of beer cost $5. The

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What’s the first thing you do when you decide you’d like to add to the landscaping around your Southcentral home? Head to the nursery, right? Just because a plant is locally available, however, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to your Southcentral garden.

Landscaping with Alaskan native plants, also known as naturescaping, brings benefits well worth considering. When you grow native plants you’re helping to support our bird and beneficial insect populations. Naturescapes are also low-maintenance, requiring far less water and no fertilizer or pesticides.

Let’s take a look at some of Alaska’s amazing native plants that are suitable for your Southcentral home landscape.

Alaskan Trees

  • Paper birch (Betula papyrifera): Requires full sun and
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Think back to your elementary school experience. If you’re like many of us you’ll recall at least one teacher who had an amazing ability to instill in you a love of learning, of culture, geography, history or a multitude of other disciplines. Elementary school, then, is the foundation upon which the rest of your child’s education will be built.

This month, the Unity Home Group® team salutes Kincaid Elementary School in Anchorage. Administered by the Anchorage School District, Kincaid serves 523 students in grades Kindergarten through grade 6. Its student/teacher ratio is 15.5:1, which places it about mid-pack among all elementary schools in the Anchorage School District.

Test Scores and Ratings

Kincaid’s 5th graders far outperformed the

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What happens when you go to the grocery store without a list? You impulse shop, right? Your stomach takes control and whatever looks good at the moment ends up in the shopping cart – whether it’s something you need or not.

Shopping lists are the road map for a shopping trip, whether they be for groceries or a home. They keep you on track, help you save money and protect you from frivolity. In the real estate world the shopping list is known as a “wish list.”

What Kind of a Home do you want?

It’s important to have an idea of the type of structure you need before deciding on a neighborhood. 

  • Single-family detached home (previously owned or newly constructed?)
  • Duplex
  • Condominium
  • Townhouse
  • Mobile Home

Most of the time, the

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Shopping for a home in Southcentral isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you’ll need to decide where in this huge area you want to live. Will it be the amazing Mat-Su Valley or do you need to be closer to Anchorage? With all the incredible neighborhoods here, how will you decide which is the best fit?  

That’s easy, when you work with the neighborhood expert real estate team (that would be us, by the way!). There are plenty of Anchorage neighborhoods to suit just about any lifestyle or budget.

This month, Southcentral takes a look at one of Anchorage’s more established neighborhoods: Huffman-O’Malley.

This primarily residential neighborhood saw most of its construction occur in the two decades between 1960 and 1980. Today you’ll find a mix of

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Bad news from the home inspector has the potential to slow down or even halt your purchase. This is even truer if the problem requires an expensive fix, such as foundation or  roof problems. But, don’t panic. There are several ways we can approach this, one of which may just save the deal.

Ask the seller to make the repairs

Our first option when faced with major repair or replacement costs is to ask the seller to make the repairs before the close of escrow. The seller may not agree to this but it wouldn’t be wise. If you were to walk away from the purchase he would be forced to put the home back on the market. That’s a hassle in itself but consider this: Since he is now aware of the problem he is forced, by law, to disclose them to the next

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It’s no secret that spring and summer are the peak home-buying seasons in Alaska. Folks that want to move usually plan for it to happen around the time the kids get out of school so the months leading up to August are typically our busiest. Plus, the weather is more conducive to getting out to house-hunt during this time than during the winter months, which also contributes to the busyness of the spring home-buying season.

If you’re one of the many Alaska homeowners planning to sell this summer, the time to prepare is right now. You’ll have lots of competition as we get deeper into June and anything you can do to smooth the way now will put you way out in front of the rest of them.

You can hire the Unity Home Group® Team now as well and we will

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Shopping for a home in Southcentral isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, you’ll need to decide where in this huge area you want to live. Will it be the amazing Mat-Su Valley or do you need to be closer to Anchorage? With all the incredible neighborhoods here, how will you decide which is the best fit? 

This month, Southcentral helps you out by taking a look at one of Eagle River’s more popular neighborhoods: Eagle Crossing.

Homes in Eagle Crossing

This residential neighborhood saw most of its construction occur in the late 1990s and the developer turned over the HOA to the homeowners in 2000. Today you’ll find 233 single-family homes, with an average of 2,400 square feet of living space and private backyards. Many have mountain views and some

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The Montagues and the Capulets, the Hatfields and McCoy’s, the Starks and the Lannisters – neighbor disputes, whether real or imaginary, captivate readers and viewers. But, since we don’t live in the Dune universe and tensions between two neighbors in modern-day America aren’t over the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, disputes need to be resolved in a somewhat civilized fashion.

Forty two percent of Americans claim they’ve been ensnared in a neighborhood feud, with noise the most common complaint. What other types of neighbor disputes are common in Anchorage and how do neighbors typically go about disputing and resolving them?

Most Common Neighbor Disputes

Whether it’s loud music or barking dogs, noise complaints are the most common among

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