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How Expensive is it to Live in Anchorage, Alaska?From housing to food, everything in Anchorage, Alaska is a little to a lot more expensive than the rest of the nation. In fact, partly due to its relatively remote location and large landmass, the cost of living here is just about 1/3 more than average. In order to thrive in this awesome area, people must know how to manage their expenses. To get an idea on the costs, they can use this guide to explore each area in detail.


Of all the living expenses in Anchorage, housing costs vary the most from the rest of the United States. To buy a home in Anchorage, people can expect to pay about $330,000 on average. If they choose to rent, they will pay an average of about $1,100 a month for an apartment.

Although moving outside the city centers

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For a while now, Alaska has been shedding jobs in the oil and gas industry but the experts say the unemployment rate of 6.6 percent is now holding steady. While that is significantly higher than the rest of the nation, we’re happy to see it stop sliding downward.

If you are among the unfortunate who have lost jobs and feel that you can’t make your mortgage payments, don’t panic. While you decide on the next step to take, keep the following in mind.

Be Proactive

Don’t hide from your lender. Gather up all your bills and figure out exactly where you stand financially. Know how much money is coming in every month, how much you owe to others and where you can make cuts in your budget.

Once you are clear on your financial situation, contact

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When we think of interior design and décor, most of us contemplate the aesthetics, or how the home will appear to the eye. We’re missing the boat, according to Dr. Sally Augustin and Dr. David Fell of FPInnovations. Incorporating certain outdoor elements in our décor can improve our health and mental well-being, they claim.

Of course it doesn’t take researchers to tell us how being in our favorite outdoor environment brings instant relaxation. Whether that’s fishing in Ship Creek or taking to the trails at Kincaid Park, it’s a safe bet that most of us can instantly recall that feeling of complete relaxation that washes over us while we’re in nature.

Here in Southcentral you may have amazing views of Turnagain, Lucile Lake or Pioneer.  If you are

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What’s the first thing you do when you decide you’d like to add to the landscaping around your Southcentral home? Head to the nursery, right? Just because a plant is locally available, however, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to your Southcentral garden.

Landscaping with Alaskan native plants, also known as naturescaping, brings benefits well worth considering. When you grow native plants you’re helping to support our bird and beneficial insect populations. Naturescapes are also low-maintenance, requiring far less water and no fertilizer or pesticides.

Let’s take a look at some of Alaska’s amazing native plants that are suitable for your Southcentral home landscape.

Alaskan Trees

  • Paper birch (Betula papyrifera): Requires full sun and
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The Montagues and the Capulets, the Hatfields and McCoy’s, the Starks and the Lannisters – neighbor disputes, whether real or imaginary, captivate readers and viewers. But, since we don’t live in the Dune universe and tensions between two neighbors in modern-day America aren’t over the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, disputes need to be resolved in a somewhat civilized fashion.

Forty two percent of Americans claim they’ve been ensnared in a neighborhood feud, with noise the most common complaint. What other types of neighbor disputes are common in Anchorage and how do neighbors typically go about disputing and resolving them?

Most Common Neighbor Disputes

Whether it’s loud music or barking dogs, noise complaints are the most common among

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Organized Home - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nkeppol/5829442256

Clutter is something that can take a beautiful home and mask it quickly. If you cannot stand clutter in your home, you need to know how to combat clutter. Here are a few tips to help you keep the clutter at bay.


One of the best ways to get rid of clutter is to add shelves in the right rooms of your home. Instead of putting up a bookshelf or adding a desk, choose wall shelves. These types of shelves allow room for all kinds of things and keep the clutter off your furniture.

Utilize Storage

Most homes come with built-in storage in the garage and closets. Utilizing storage for items you don't need right now can help keep your clutter to a minimum.

Only Leave Out What You Need

If you don't use something at least a few times a

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Eco-Friendly Home

Are you an environment lover and would like to make your home more eco-friendly? You might be afraid that you are required to go through major renovations and overhaul to make an environmental friendly home, but this is not true at all. Here is a list of tips on reducing both carbon footprint and utility bills by living a greener lifestyle. 

Unplug Electronics

You are absolutely wrong if you think that plugged in electronics are not draining any power even when they are turned off. They still drain power, as long as they are plugged in. So, remember to switch off all electronics and unplug them from the power outlets whenever you are not using them. This may not make a huge difference on your power bill, but it will make a difference. 

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Home Office - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nkeppol/5829442256

When you purchase an Anchorage home, you may end up with an extra bedroom, a den or even a bonus room. This is a wonderful thing as the room can be used for many different things. Here are some of the top ways you can use the extra room in your new home.

Home Office

If you work from home or have a need for an office at home, an extra room is a great choice. Your office should have a door on it, so that you can get the privacy you need. With an extra room, you can easily get the necessary privacy and you will have a place to work from without having to worry.

A Library

For the book lover, a library is the best option. You can turn the walls into shelves and add books to fill up the shelves. Do this with all four walls and you will be

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Home - Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/users/OpenClipartVectors-30363/

You may think that doing a remodeling project is going to cost you a pretty penny. Some remodeling projects can be very costly, such as redoing the kitchen or a bathroom. However, you don't have to spend a fortune to make a big change to your home. Here are five ways to get big impact without spending a lot.

Paint the Front Door

Every four to six years you should paint your front door. This will not only change the look of your home, even if you don't change colors, but it will also add to the curb appeal. You can choose ab old color to add even more impact.

Paint an Accent Wall

Sometimes, all you need is a little color in a room to really change the way to looks and feels. You may not even need to choose a bold color to get the impact you

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Home Curb - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/michiganmoves/3492118913

When you want your home to stand out amongst the crowd, a great way to do this is to upgrade your curb appeal. How do you add curb appeal to your home exactly? By cleaning up the exterior, maintaining the yard, and freshening it up, you can really improve your home’s curb appeal. Why do people care if the exterior looks good when they only care about the look of the part that’s mostly used; the interior? 

Most of the time when people want to improve their home’s curb appeal is because they are considering selling their home and want to stand out among the heavy competition. When you need your nice house to stand out amongst other nice houses, you need to find a way to make it outshine the others and offer something theirs don’t. Here are five tips

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