What School Districts Are There In Anchorage, AK?

What Should I Know About the Anchorage School District?There's only one school district in Anchorage, AK, and its leaders manage more than 90 schools. Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, and the Anchorage School District is responsible for around 50,000 children spread out across all institutions. The district is there to promote learning and success by offering a variety of academic options to children and their families. Learn more about how the district functions and how parents can make better decisions for their kids if they choose to live in this incredible state.

Access and Opportunity

Inclusion is the key philosophy of the school district, and parents and children can see it every move they make. The school district celebrates diversity in the city. The district welcomes and includes people of all cultures, religions, and perspectives, regardless of the language they speak or the heritage they come from.

When everyone has access to the same opportunities, the school district hopes to inspire true equality across the board. The Anchorage School District is one of the most diverse in the country, with children from nearly every background taking part in one of the many schools around the city.

The State of the District

According to the district statistics, the Anchorage School District has strong numbers when it comes to proficiency. Their data states that 90% of graduations will meet the expectations for both math and reading, and the same number are on track to graduate. Students state that teachers are, on the whole, encouraging and involved. School attendance is one of the main concerns, and teachers and administrators discourage chronic absenteeism however they can. It's a sign that people are paying attention to kids both when they're at school and when they're not.

The school board has several core beliefs:

  • Determining the general direction of the district
  • Creating and enforcing policies that support the direction
  • Holding the superintendent accountable for implementing operations according to directives
  • Being strong role models for students based on core principles

The Potential of Students

The school district believes that they need to set high expectations if children are to achieve them. To accomplish this, the district provides a safe and effective environment for kids to learn, and strives to be open and transparent with parents and the public alike. The district is also looking ahead in an attempt to keep pace with the changing expectations of modern life. No matter what might happen in the future, the district is committed to giving its students the edge in life. And while some schools may be better performing than others, it's comforting for all parents to know they have someone in their corners at the district.

Anchorage, Alaska has some truly amazing people living in it and a spirit that cannot be denied. Those that attend schools here are given life lessons that they won't find elsewhere—both within school walls and without. Because the district has made it their mission to give children the care and resources they need to thrive, parents can rest assured that their kids will graduate with the skills they need to make it in life.

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