Steps To Selling Your Home

Step #1 - Meet With Our Team

Before you do anything, meeting with one of our professionals can help save you time and money. We will educate you on current market conditions and tell you what is important and necessary to do in order to get your home sold for the highest return. Some repairs or upgrades simply just don't make sense. Let us guide you before you throw your money away.

Step #2 - Preparing Your Home for Sale

After meeting with us you will need to prepare your home for sale. This may be as simple as depersonalizing or de-cluttering or may require a bit more work. But rest assure with our guidance we will help guide you down the correct path. If help is needed we have an extensive list of contractors we can recommend to ensure the work is done right and in a timely manner.

Step #3 - Put Your Best Foot Forward

Once the home is prepared for sale we will arrange for professional photos, video and flyers to be created. When your home is first listed it will get the most attention so it is vital to come on the market at the right price with all of the correct marketing in place. A new listing without the correct marketing has a significantly lower chance of getting an offer within the first few weeks.

Step #4 - Home Listing Goes Live

Day one of marketing we will input your home in our local Alaska MLS with full description, all pertinent information, details and photos. Flyers will be delivered to your home and the sign will be ordered. It is very likely you will receive showings right away if everything was done correctly. This time period is crucial as it is will set the tone for your sale.

Step #5 - Make Adjustments to Get Results

As you home is shown to prospective buyers our team will call and get feedback from their Realtor. We will compile this information and update you weekly as to what we learn. If numerous people are complaining about a yellow wall you will be advised to adjust that so the next buyer will not have the same objection. If the price is out of line we will have that discussion as well. All in all, we will have ongoing communication to ensure your home does not go stale and you get the results you are looking for.

Step #6 - Negotiate To Win

Once we receive an offer on your home we will help you negotiate to win. This does not only include getting the price you are looking for but the terms as well. Timing can be everything, we will help you understand every detail of the contract so you can make an informed decision and respond to the offer in a timely manner. Getting back to the buyer quickly is always in your best interest and meeting the offer deadline will help keep the negotiations in play.

Step #7 - Open Escrow and Order The Resale Certificate

The offer has been agreed to by all parties, now what? Our team will move forward with your sale and open escrow at the designated title company. The title report will be issued and if applicable your resale certificate will be ordered from your HOA. Both of these items give the seller a minimum time to review during which they can cancel a transaction. It is important to order these items ASAP and forward to the buyer immediately to get that clock started.

Step #8 - Prepare For The Inspection

The buyer will most likely home a home inspection performed on your home. These are quite standard and dealing with hundreds of sales transaction per year our team knows just what the inspectors will be looking for. We will advise you to adjustments or items that may need attention prior to the inspector arriving to your home. The cleaner the report comes back, the less likely that buyer will change their mind.

Step #9 - Negotiate Repairs

Any deficiencies that come to light based on your inspection will then need to be negotiated between the buyer and seller. We will help you determine which items are potentially items that will be an issue for the appraiser or lender. Without both parties satisfied your sale may nt be able to move forward.

Step #10 - Prepare For the Appraiser

Appraisers, inspectors and buyers will all be looking for different things when they enter your home. It is important for your home to appraise at the sales value or your price may need to be reduced in order for the buyer to complete their purchase. Not only will we arrange for the appraiser to visit your home we will help you make the necessary adjustments to better ensure your value is met.

Step #11 - Prepare For the Homes Re-Inspection

Repairs are complete and now the re-inspection is scheduled. Providing all the repair receipts to the buyer prior to the inspection will not only speed things along, it will help to ensure a clean re-inspection. Any questionable repair items should always be discussed with the inspector before the work is done in order to make sure he will sign off when the time comes. Many of our contractors have experience with the local inspectors and that open dialogue ensures the work is done right the first time and you are not paying extra money for remaining issues.

Step #12 - Check In With the Lender about Underwriting

When the appraisal is finalized it is a good practice to check with the buyer's lender to see what conditions are remaining to be cleared in order to get the loan documents to title. Many times as the sellers representative we can assist in clearing issues to help get the file to closing on time. Being proactive can make all the difference when selling your home.

Step #13 - Schedule Closing

Once we have word the loan has cleared underwriting we will work with the title company to schedule your closing. We will review the HUD Settlement Statement to account for all terms being met and personally attend your closing whenever possible to ensure there are no surprises.

Step #14 - Move Out, Clean and Arrange For Transfer of Ownership

Once you have moved out and cleaned the home we will promptly arrange for the sign to be removed, take down all marketing, pick up the lockbox and arrange for the transfer of the keys to the new owner. We will also provide you a list of utility companies you will need to contact to arrange the transfer of service to the new owner.